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This is Manuela’s house, a female labrador retriever. She lives here together with her human family… and she loves visitors!! So, we welcome everyone to our dog-friendly campervan parking & herb greenhouse (we make natural herbal products).

Our doggie park & nearby walking paths (and Manuela) are waiting for you!

Villa Manuela is an antique countryside wooden house, abandoned for many years and its forest cut down. We found it, and it was love at first sight. We are working on its restoration and giving life to it! so we put up a greenhouse, restarted the green and we made some space so the travellers passing by can stop here, as well as friends and volunteers who want to come say hello and give us a hand.

To all of you, WELCOME!!


Right next to the road with easy access, but in the middle of nature, a quiet and nice corner to enjoy some resting time from travelling. Here you find peace, fresh air and always a welcoming smile. There is an antique sauna, a little pond, electricity and a composting toilet. Come to a full eco-experience of Finnish countryside tradition.

We have a sheltered space for rainy days and our little dog park, free to use!


Overnight 10€
Electricity 5€
Sauna 15€ / 90 min
Enjoying yourself & being nice 0€

We are located a bit over 1 km from Suodenniemi village, with a supermarket, pharmacy, post office, bar, and a small public lake beach, inviting for a picnic and a swim! There is also a dog beach! In the surroundings, we have more lakes, hiking trails, motocross tracks and lots of green.


The weather in Finland is quite a challenge when thinking of planting, especially when thinking of planting as a way of living. We planted ourselves to this challenge and now are growing here a variety of herbs and other basic vegetables. We don’t use chemicals but try permaculture principles instead.

Herbs, roots, flowers, leaves, and other plant parts are used to create our products, such as teas, infused oils for cooking, spices, or skin balms. 

Nature’s bounty meets well-being in these products, which have been used for centuries across various cultures for their therapeutic benefits. Our carefully crafted selection of herbs harnesses the power of Mother Earth to bring you a range of products designed to enhance your health and lifestyle. Unlike synthetic compounds, natural herbal products contain a complex mix of bioactive compounds that work synergistically… and a complete absence of chemicals or synthetic compounds. 

From soothing teas to invigorating skincare, each item is thoughtfully cultivated (without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers) and harvested to ensure purity and potency. 


We are Sauli and Laura (engineer and biochemist) and we were living a normal working life in the city… while feeling grey. One day it just happened: the need for a life change shouted so loud that we could not ignore it anymore. We went out there volunteering to learn about other things and other lives, “hunting dreams, harvesting stories”, … we got to know that our path was a different one and we needed to start walking it. We bought an abandoned little farm and are in the task of restoring it while living now a slower life, in nature, closer to the human essential path. 

We speak English, Spanish, and Finnish, …and using patience we could make it in Italian, Portuguese, French, and German.