This is Manuela’s house, Manuela is a female labrador retriever. She lives here together with her human family / servants… and she loves visitors!! So, we welcome everyone to our dog friendly campervan parking & herb greenhouse. Our doggie park & walking paths (and Manuela) are waiting for you!

And as for the humans… One day it happened: the need for a life change shouted so loud that we could not ignore anymore. We went out there to learn about other things and other lives, “hunting dreams, harvesting stories”, … we got to know that our path was a different one and we needed to start walking it.
Villa Manuela is an antique countryside wooden house, lacking inhabitants and care during many many years and its forest cut down. We found it, and it was love at first sight. We are working on its restoration and in giving life to it!, so we put up a greenhouse to restart the green and we made some space tidy so the travelers passing by can stop here, as well as friends and volunteers who want to come say hello and give us a hand.

To all of you, WELCOME!!