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Halkida, Greece

A big united family follows their youngsters into a project: producing and selling sun dried tomatoes. They plant the tomatoes, harvest them, cut in halves and let them dry in the sun ray. Once dried, the tomatoes are packed in glass bottles with olive oil and herbs from their own yard. The olive trees are in their yard too, as well as the fruits, vegetables and small animals they eat, and the grapes for producing their own wine. We learnt about the whole process of oil and wine making, sun dried tomatoes and packing, history of the place and culture. We shared long lovely evenings full of stories, delicious food, singing, music and dances. Before we left, they organized the ”great greek evening” with not only the family members, but also friends and neighbours. In the farewell, they stuffed our hands with fruits and veggies for the trip, homemade cookies and dried tomatoes. Neverending hugs and tears.