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Kangasala, Finland

We rented a cabin with land in the countryside for several months. It was a great chance to experience a planting season and countryside tasks. We fixed the broken greenhouse and practised with planting. We learnt about horses and good neighbours. We tidied the place up and painted the house as part of the rent payment. We picked apples and […]

Lillandet, Finland

These retired sisters bought an old rural school and they are converting it into a countryside guesthouse. We helped in the fixing and painting, we put up a greenhouse for them and enjoyed very traditional local food, stories of life, tours and sauna!

Joroinen, Finland

A family owns a big camping place. So big, that they don’t have enough hands to work on it or enough personnel to keep it running properly. They are not very interested either, so they hired 3 people to work on it full time and -when these workers go on holiday- the family leaves the load to volunteers and trainees […]

Valenca, Portugal

We were hosts at a pilgrim albergue in Camino de Santiago. On arrival, the owners had left, while neighbours and friends came in turns bringing us keys for the different house doors and pieces of information. Slowly we got the story of the owning family and the story of the place. One neighbour brought his sheep to the field everyday, […]

Imola, Italy

After living abroad, they came back home and started farming in an old house upon a hill. We learnt about artichokes and first steps in permaculture.

Halkida, Greece

A big united family follows their youngsters into a project: producing and selling sun dried tomatoes. They plant the tomatoes, harvest them, cut in halves and let them dry in the sun ray. Once dried, the tomatoes are packed in glass bottles with olive oil and herbs from their own yard. The olive trees are in their yard too, as […]

Koppanyzsanto, Hungary

They left their country behind and headed towards the sun. They transformed an old land into a camping site and despite being in the middle of nowhere, the travellers are making their way to stay there. They cooked english meals for us, we exchanged opinions, stories and experiences. We got ideas about managing a camping site, learnt about receiving a […]

Maramures, Romania

He came back to the old family property to reopen doors. Back in the day there was a ”natural spa” and a countryside hotel. We were their first helpers, and they treated us like good old friends. Sunny days full of local stories, tradition and uses, curious things and mysteries. We learnt how a hostel and countryside holiday home works, […]

Velky Krtis, Slovakia

They moved to another country, where they bought an abandoned house in the sunny countryside and started working to make it their home and a gasthouse. They are preparing to receive visitors from their country searching for sunny holidays. We were the first volunteers arriving at the place. We learnt about the first steps needed to recover an abandoned old […]

Jablunkov, Czechia

They lived in his country, and then moved to settle in hers. We exchanged life stories, worries, adventures, sorrow and happiness. Their days are not long enough to fulfill everything they have planned (even while doing all the things at the same time) and for that reason they receive volunteers. They opened the farm door for us and gave us […]

Rypin, Poland

Van travelling and days living in foreign land were left behind. Now they settled down in the family farm and they work hard everyday to become self-sufficient. We learnt about biofarming, horses and goats! We had home made bread, goat cheese and goat milk for breakfast . We enjoy delicious meals made with veggies from the farm.

Pajiesmeiniai, Lithuania

A long evening filled with tea and life stories, history, politics and eco-farming. It is always a pleasure to listen when local people have lots to tell about. We learnt about the structure a caravan place needs to have to be comfortable.

Põlvamaa, Estonia

He is the 5th generation living on that farm together with his cat, the now silent sawmill building and the peace of the landscape. We arrived by the end of the winter, when there are lots of things to do to wake the field after long months of cold and darkness. We shared stories, sad and happy life experiences, confessions […]